Belize has developed regulations for the licensing of pilots, air traffic control officers and maintenance engineers. These regulations known as the Belize Civil Aviation Regulations Aeronautical Personnel Licensing (BCAR-APL), is in compliance with the SARPs of Annex 1 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

An applicant for a license must meet certain stated requirements proportional to the complexities of the task to be performed. Licensing examinations both written and practical are issued by the Belize Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA).

The oversight of personnel licensing in Belize is handled through the BDCA Aeronautical Personnel Licensing Unit. As of May, 2011, this Unit has issued over one hundred licenses to aeronautical personnel who have met the requirements.

One of the BDCA's main tasks in the field of personnel licensing is to foster the resolution of differences in licensing requirements and to ensure that international licensing standards are kept in line with current practices and probable future developments.