The Belize Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) through its Aerodrome Unit maintains an oversight of all aerodromes in Belize. These aerodromes are regulated under the Civil Aviation Act, Chapter 239, Revised Edition 2000 of the Substantive Laws of Belize and BCAR 14. See the Technical Library on this website for the manuals.

The applicable Belize Civil Aviation Regulations which have also been developed, further detail the requirements for compliance in accordance with Annex 14, Volumes I and II to the Convention on International Civil Aviation. These contain a broad range of subjects which extend (but are not limited) from the planning of airports and heliports to such details as switch-over times for secondary power supply; from civil engineering to illumination engineering; from provision of sophisticated rescue and firefighting equipment to simple requirements for keeping airports clear of birds; requirements for the planning and design; physical specifications; operation and maintenance of aerodromes; among others.

Inspectors from the BDCA are deployed on a regular basis to conduct physical inspections to verify the usability of all aerodromes.

There are over fifteen Public (Government owned) and over twenty Private aerodromes in Belize. Aerodromes in Belize (including heliports), operate under a licence issued by the BDCA.

The main international airport handling commercial air carriers from around the world is the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport. ICAO 4 Letter Indicator – MZBZ. This airport is managed by the Belize Airport Concession Company Limited. Contact number for airport management is: (501) 225-2045

The aerodromes for public use are managed by the Belize Airports Authority. Contact number is (501) 223-3784.